Some years ago, when I was quite a faithful blogger, I did an exercise I called the ”Thursday 13.” I think I borrowed it from a dear friend and colleague Elizabeth ”Zee” Ashworth. And it was great fun, and rather a nice exercise in that it just kept my writing muscles limber a bit. For the record, that blog has disappeared into the ether, by which I mean I deleted it; I have no regrets.

But I have been thinking lately of pop songs, mostly from the 90s, that I still go back to. We all have those, right? Maybe these don’t so much move me as they inspire my hurting, tired body, so often exhausted by fibro and other illness to want to move, or they just pluck the strings of nostalgia. So here I offer a quick list of 13 pop songs that I still go back to over and over, in no particular order.

  1. “Island in the Sun”—Weezer, because ”Hip, hip.” Then again, Weezer just never disappoints. I mean that. I like nerdy guys making music. Why won’t one marry me?
  2. ”Self Esteem”—The Offspring
  3. ”Santeria”—Sublime
  4. ”Pour Some Sugar on Me”—Def Leppard (not the 90s but it gives me all the feels)
  5. ”Birdhouse in Your Soul”—They Might be Giants (I really have a thing for TMBG. They are so underrated, if you ask me.)
  6. ”Here Comes Your Man”—Pixies. I really like the Pixies, like a lot.
  7. ”You Learn”—Alanis Morrissette
  8. ”Angel”—Aerosmith (also not 90s, but my junior high self somehow thought this was the most romantic song ever. What was I thinking? Still gives me all the feels tho)
  9. ”Something to Believe In”—Poison (Someone pushed for this to be the theme song for my 9th grade homecoming. Can’t remember if that got approved. Doubtful)
  10. ”Linger”—The Cranberries. Honestly, I could listen to any Cranberries song from any album any time and still love them all, even now.
  11. ”Mysterious Ways”—U2 (This song felt so big and stadium and epic to me at the time)
  12. ”No Rain”—Blind Melon
  13. ”Walking into Spiderwebs”—No Doubt
  14. BONUS: Almost anything by Tom Petty, but I especially like ”Last Dance with Mary Jane.” There was one summer, maybe ’94 when I listened to it over and over ON CASSETTE tape.

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