I Will Not Be Silenced

I don’t know where I want to begin all this. This particular blog has exited for years in various forms. And has been deleted and reformed. And so we begin again. Only this time I think I need to say all the things that have remained unsaid for years and decades. I feel as though so many have silenced me through various means throughout my life, and I will not remain silent for any longer. I just cannot do it. I will not do it.

I have thoughts about books and pop culture. I have opinions about politics. I do actually hold to theological positions, which even taking a stand on such things is offensive to some, given my sex. And for as long as I can remember, I have been silenced, usually implicitly but definitely effectively. But my trauma is the big thing that I’ve just not spoken.

I am unwilling to simply yield my voice any longer. And I know that there are some who will not like this. Partly because they don’t want their day of reckoning to come. I don’t need to name names for you to know who you are, you who have abused me and taken advantage of me, then forced me not to speak of it. And some of you would rather I didn’t talk simply because it makes you uncomfortable, so consider this your trigger warning.

If you know me “in real life” (and honestly, what does that designation even mean anymore?) I recommend that you don’t read any further. It likely won’t do any of us any good.

DISCLAIMER: This blog represents the thoughts, memories, and impressions of just one person. I do not claim to be representing absolute truth but rather my own thoughts about my memories as I recall them. I am certain that other parties would have other and very different memories. This is my place to process. If you don’t like what I have to say, you are welcome to exit now.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. In other words, don’t let the Muggles get you down!